Welcome to Hemel Hempstead Risc OS User Group Web Site

 We are a User Group of the Risc OS Operating systems and computers which originated from Acorn Computers of the BBC Microcomputer fame and is now a full GUI desktop OS.

The club is based at Gadebridge Community Centre, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, England.

We meet each month at 19:30hrs till 22:00hrs - next meeting is 0th .

New members are welcome from any area, not just Hemel Hempstead so if you used Acorn computers at school or had a BBC Micro and would like to see what modern options there are for Risc OS or are using a Raspberry Pi with Risc OS, come along and join in.

The club is non profit making, entrance fees are used for building rental and sundry expenses. £4.00 per evening, (refreshments supplied free) or club membership at £9.00 for 3 months, in advance.

Should you wish to contact the club organisers Please use the "Contact Us" tab giving us your email address and your name.