My Imzadi, I will always remember
our first days together,
those magical times
when our love was so, so new,
so raw, so completely whole.
I remember the wonder I felt,
when you touched my heart,
my soul and gave me peace.
With you I found home,
where I belonged,
where I wanted to belong.
Within your arms, your body,
within your spirit.
We are one, together.
I feel cherished, loved
and understood.
You are mine,
as I am yours, forever.
Time has brought change,
except the love I have for you.
That would never change, ever.
My love is eternal, for eternity,
for now, for forever.
My life is in your hands,
along with my heart.
Just where they want to be.
I love you, my Imzadi...



The sound of your voice,
the softness of your skin.
The way you feel against me,
and the tears that fell
when you said goodbye,
to us, to our future,
to our dreams,
to our hearts.
Only, I?m not ready,
not yet, Imzadi.
Every day I still see you,
still sense your thoughts,
Still sense your pain,
and know I have a chance.
One day.
I see the uncertainty in your eyes,
the way you fight against my pull.
And I ~will~ keep pulling,
forever, Imzadi.
And thats why I can?t say it.
I can never say goodbye.


She's here, I feel her.
Her whisper, her caress,
touching my mind
like a butterfly
kissing the breeze.
Caressing my soul,
making love,
sharing secrets.
Words moaned aloud,
no one hears but her.
I call her name
again and again
~Imzadi, Imzadi~
she doesn?t come.
She?s here, but not.
Because she's
Only in my dreams
She touches me,
I feel her,
tempting, tantalizing,
sending me to heaven,
and far beyond.
Temperature soars,
heartbeat pounds
against the coverlet,
begging for more,
aching for more,
never satisfied.
Hands reach out
for something,
I want her.
I cant have her.
Because she's
Only in my dreams.


When I wanted her,
when I ached for her touch.
She was there
When I needed her sweet voice
to whisper her love, for me.
She was there
When blue became grey,
when I thought of her, only he.
She was there
When my soul reached out,
for something, someone to hold.
She was there
When those dark eyes met mine,
when fingertips set my body on fire.
She was there
When hearts beat together, as one,
when dreams came true.
She was there
And when I enshrine her within my arms,
it?s just us; eternal lovers.
She?s there, Deanna?s always there.
She will always be there...


One heartbeat
One soul
The dance
of unity
Innocent love
No more
For now
A kiss
A gasp
A sigh
A whisper
A shudder
A tickle
A giggle
A kiss
Deepen it
Deeper still
Touch me
Search me
Find me
A word
Or two
A moan
I need
I want
I?m begging
I?m aching
with desire
On fire
Higher still
I?m climbing
I?m reaching
I?m there
Oh, God


Touch me, Deanna, touch me with your heart,
touch me with your soul. Please, touch me.
Fill me with your wants and desires,
fill me with your dreams, let me feel, let me see
the love, the passion. I know it?s in there,
waiting to come alive, waiting for me
to grow. I?m ready at long last,
I?m ready to be everything you want me to be.
I was a fool to deny us, to deny what we had,
what we have, what we will become.
Touch me, Deanna, touch me, let us finally,
once more, at last, become one.
Touch me, Will, touch me, want me like I want you,
make me feel, make me fly,
to soar through the universe, never to land again.
Keep me close, don?t let us die.
Don?t let our hearts wander through eternity,
let?s keep it alive this time. Let?s try.
I love you Will. I love you with everything that I have,
with everything that I am
Take me there, take my love, take it all,
I want you to break down that dam.
Let it overflow, let it sweep us away
to wherever we want to go, who knows.
Touch me, Will, touch me, take the chance,
together let us face whatever life throws.
Kiss me, Imzadi, kiss me. Make me forget.
Make me remember, what we can be.
Caress my body, feel my heat, my desire.
Look into my eyes, let me see
how much you want me. You know how to set my being,
my very soul on fire.
Reignite the flame, take me there.
Oh, my god, take me there, take me higher.
Time to land, time to recover,
time to utter sweet words of love, promises to make.
Promises this time to keep us together,
forever, whatever we have to forsake.
I wiped the tears from your face, you wiped them from mine,
replacing them with a kiss.
Looking deep into the pools that mirrored mine,
it all showed. We deepened the kiss,
desires built again. My true Imzadi,
I can?t get enough of you, do you feel it too?
Take me again, my beloved, make me feel whole,
show me what you can do.
Deliberately, slowly, they used everything
that only an Imzadi couple had been gave.
Their bodies, there minds, their hearts,
and an undying love that they managed to save.


If I had a choice, it would be her, only ever her,
to take within, to caress and to forever treasure
her heart. It?s mine for the asking, but do I dare?
She?s here with me, in my mind, my soul. I care.
I care so deep, I gasp when she fills my dreams.
I can make her mine in a heartbeat, but it comes, the fear
of letting her slip away, my arms left holding only me
as I weep, and mourn for her, for us, for letting her be,
just a friend. I want so much more, but does she?
If I had a choice between her tears or mine, whichever.
If mine hurt as much as hers, then I want neither.
One step, just one step to her arms, to her embrace,
to wipe away tears that cascade like the rain down her face.
If I could tell her the depth of my love, maybe she?ll come
to love me as I love her, she knows, she has to, it has to come.
The day when she can?t deny it, deny us, or deny the heart,
tears will fall with joy. One step, just one step to get it to start.
I have a choice, will she come, will she step my way today?
Will I win my Imzadi?s heart once more, What can I say?
If I had a choice between losing my love or drowning in the rain.
I?ll take the rain, and then I would never have to make a choice again.
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